Garden Party Gifitng

Garden Party Gifitng

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Graduation and Mother's Day Gifting

May is almost here and so is the season to celebrate special women in your life during graduation and mothers day

Our Garden Party Collection features all of the jewelry that you need to shop for these lovely ladies. Whether it is a statement necklace to kick start your new grads career or a sentimental pearl bracelet to show your mom you care - we have just what you need. Take a stroll through the gardens of our newest collection. 

Make a Statement

Allow the special women in your life to sparkle and shine with the help of a statement necklace or earring. These pieces feature large and colorful gemstones. They are a perfect way to dress up an everyday outfit or sundress.

Workplace Wears

We pride our brand on giving women confidence through the jewelry they wear in daily life. Give the gift of confidence with a piece that she can wear to the office, new job, or school meetings to dress for success. 

Graduate into Color

Give your new grad a burst of energy and set their chakras to catapult them into a new career. This colorful Chakra set is a great option for a younger girl who just graduated. 

Mom and Daughter Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry is the perfect way to display an everlasting bond. Book an appointment to bring your mom and sisters and get welded. We are even going to be offering a special discount on mama charms for mothers day. 

Express your gratitude and care for loved ones with a timeless piece of jewelry. The right piece of jewelry can be loved for a lifetime. 

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