Jewelry Cleaners

At Hermosa Jewelry, we emphasize the importance of keeping your jewelry clean and looking its best. As such, it is important to remember that jewelry from Hermosa is fragile and should be treated with proper care.

General Care
A loving touch will keep your Hermosa jewelry looking its best for decades. We recommend avoiding contact with hairsprays, perfumes, and saltwater, as these substances can damage delicate materials. When you get ready, put your jewelry on last to avoid damaging your jewelry. After wearing jewelry, it is always a good idea to clean it before storing it. Read below for helpful cleaning tips.

We recommend using a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt and oil, then wipe these stones with a soft cloth.  Refrain from placing jewelry containing pearls, turquoise, opal, or coral in a heavy-duty jewelry cleaning solution.
Do not use ultrasonic cleaners or ammonia-based cleaners. If you have a gemstone that is in a setting, one of the easiest ways to create sparkle is to use our Bling Brush. The Bling Brush has a jewelry cleaning solution and fine bristle brush that can be scrubbed onto the jewelry to bring back its shine.

Gold Filled
We do not recommend using a polishing cloth on gold filled jewelry. The heavy gold plating will be removed over time with heavy polishing cloth use. To clean gold filled jewelry, use warm water and a mild soapy solution. An old toothbrush can help to get in between wires and chains to remove oil and dirt. After washing remember to rinse and dry completely with a soft cloth. 

Sterling Silver
If your sterling silver jewelry tarnishes over time, polish it with a jewelry polishing cloth that is meant to remove tarnish. We recommend the Sunshine Polishing Cloth that we have available in stores and online.    

Storing Jewelry
Remember that properly storing your jewelry can eliminate future problems. Always be careful while traveling with your jewelry. Keep dainty necklaces clasped and place them in small bags to prevent tangles. For large chunky jewelry keep a soft cloth between each item to prevent damage from jewels 'clacking' against each other. Make sure to pack accordingly to keep your special Hermosa Jewelry safe!

Permanent Jewelry
If your permanent jewelry chain happens to get caught on something it
can stretch out and/or break. We are happy to do a $10 resize and re-weld. We offer a 48-hour warranty on each of our welds. If the welded ring was to break, we will re-weld it free of charge within 48 hours of purchase. If you’re out of town we can repair your jewelry for a fee and ship it back to you. Repairs and re-welds are done in-store with an appointment. We do not replace lost jewelry.

If you are rough on your jewelry or live a very active lifestyle, we do not recommend:
-dainty chains
-oval 14kt gold gemstone charms
-wearing chains too loose

We do not replace lost charms, broken jewelry or lost jewelry.