At Hermosa Jewelry, we understand the importance of keeping your handcrafted jewelry clean and looking its best. As such, it is important to remember that Hermosa Jewelry is fragile and should be treated with proper care.

Permanent Jewelry Care:
We want everyone to enjoy permanent jewelry if it is right for them. If your chain, especially a dainty chain, gets caught on something it
could stretch out and break. We are happy to do a $10 resize and re-weld. We offer a 48 hour warranty on each of our welds. If our weld was to break, we would re-weld it within 48 hours of purchase free of charge. If you’re out of town we can repair your jewelry for a fee and ship it back to you. Repairs and re-welds are done in store with an appointment. We do not replace lost jewelry.

Handcrafted Jewelry:
A loving touch will keep your Hermosa jewelry looking its best for decades.
Our expert team recommends avoiding contact with hairsprays, perfumes, and saltwater, as these substances can potentially damage the delicate materials. Refrain from placing jewelry containing pearls, turquoise, or coral in a jewelry cleaner. It is recommended to wipe these stones with a soft cloth instead. If your jewelry tarnishes over time, polish with a soft jewelry cloth. If your jewelry needs additional cleaning use warm water and mild soap and dry completely with a soft cloth. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners or ammonia-based cleaners. 

Remember that properly storing your jewelry can eliminate many of these problems. Always be careful while traveling with your jewelry. Make sure to pack accordingly to keep your special Hermosa Jewelry safe!