Hermosa Earrings in Outer Banks Season Two

Hermosa Earrings in Outer Banks Season Two

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Outer Banks is a popular teenage series on Netflix. It features a group of young misfits who are trying to find treasure. This show has evolved into a large fan base who like to follow the adventures of the characters and their real actors.

The show is filmed in our hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Even though it is named Outer Banks, it is majority filmed in Charleston. Season two was recently filmed in Fall of 2021.

We patiently waited for the second season to come out to see if our little earrings would share the spotlight with the cast. Lucky enough for us they were used in multiple episodes, on main character, Sarah Cameron. 

Many people envy Sarah Cameron's fashionable style. We are honored to have our earrings be worn by her. 

These earrings are available in both gold filled and sterling silver for sale, online and in store. Click below to shop:

 PS. If you want to see her wear them in the show: Season two, episodes 7,8,9, and 10! 


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