Aftercare for Permanent Jewelry

Aftercare for Permanent Jewelry

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You did it! You and your girl gang finally got those matching bracelets you have been talking about... now what? Follow along below for all of our tips + tricks for how to take care of your Permanent Jewelry. 

Cleaning your metal

14 Karat Gold

One of the best ways to keep 14 karat gold sparkling is to clean it regularly. We suggest that you take a mild soap and mix it with warm water. This mixture can be lightly scrubbed on the chain to remove dirt, debris, and oils that cause wear and tear on metal. 

Sterling Silver

Silver lovers listen up, sterling silver can and will oxidize over time. Make sure to clean your chains regularly with a polishing cloth to maintain their shine. Simply rub and apply pressure with the cloth to clean the tarnish off of the chain.  For Permanent Jewelry, it is ideal to have a friend to help you with this!

Gold Filled

In order to clean your gold filled chain you will need three things: dish soap (think Dawn in the blue bottle), a soft bristled toothbrush, and cotton cloth. Mix your dish soap with warm water and dip the toothbrush in, and gently scrub the chain. You can use the toothbrush to get in between links and clean built up oils or lotions. Make sure to wipe off excess residue with the cloth and your chain should be good to go. Remember, gold filled jewelry has a heavy gold plating, so if you use a polishing cloth, it will rub off layers of the plating.


Our charms deserve just as much love and care as your chain to retain its luster. If you have a gemstone charm, one of the easiest ways to create sparkle is to use our Bling Brush. The Bling Brush has a jewelry cleaning solution that can be scrubbed on to the charm to bring back its shine!

Cleaning gemstone

How to remove your chain

Removing your Permanent Jewelry is super simple. Grab a pair of nail clippers or kitchen scissors and cut the ring where your chain was welded.  This is a small smooth ring that will look slightly different than all the other links on your chain. In the event that you want to use your chain again, make sure to save it in a ziploc bag for safe keeping.  If you would rather us do this for you, simply pop by one of our stores and we will cut it at no charge.

Adjusting your Permanent Jewelry

The great part about the Permanent Jewelry process is that every piece is custom sized to suit your lifestyle. If your chain is not working for you anymore, feel free to come to us for advice! We are happy to remove your chain and add a clasp for a small fee to make it removable. Want to add a charm?  No problem!  Charms can also be added at any time.  Life is too short to wear jewelry you don't love. 

Re-sizing the chains

Over time chain can become twisted, caught, or pulled which causes the chain links to stretch out. After a few months of having Permanent Jewelry, it is common for the bracelet, anklet, or necklace to expand in size from the chain stretching. We can help fix this by re-welding and re-sizing our chains. We charge a $10 re-weld fee for Hermosa Jewelry chains and can adjust the chain to make you more comfortable.  We are also happy to adjust other non-Hermosa Permanent Jewelry chains for a small re-weld fee of $20.

Re-sizing chains

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