Holiday Collection 2023

Holiday Collection 2023

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This time of the year is all about gratitude and being thankful. Jewelry can be a way to share beauty with loved ones and hold special meaning in our lives. Celebrate those moments with our 2023 Holiday Collection

Holiday champagne

The Holiday Collection features warm colors with splashes of turquoise. Incorporated in our designs are Autumn-inspired gemstones to display the beauty of the fall season - think citrine, amber, and smokey quartz. 

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Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces for holidays

Sparkling Bracelets

Unique bracelets

Unique Earrings

 Unique Earrings

We enjoy the aspect of letting our jewelry speak for itself. All of these pieces can be paired with a solid top or little black dress for Holiday events. Throw on a statement necklace for added glitz with a sweater and jeans. 

Gifting can be made easy when shopping our Holiday Collection. We have colorful and whimsical designs for our free spirits and neutral everyday styles for timeless beauty. Jewelry can make an unforgettable gifts and we are happy to be part of that journey. When shopping online or in stores our team works tirelessly to gift wrap and make every gift worth giving. 

Gift wrapped presents

The Holiday season in Charleston is one of our favorite times of the year because the city is flooded with family and friends. We are excited to see the shop filled with good energy and loved ones. Make sure to stop by and get welded Permanent Jewelry with your family or shop early Holiday gifts

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