Hermosa Heroine: Lori Posnanski

Hermosa Heroine: Lori Posnanski

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Our next Hermosa Heroine is Lori Posnanski, who joined the Hermosa team in January.  Lori is married and has three sons.  She is definitely a boy mom with her relaxed demeanor, but she is ready to solve any problem in a drop of a hat.  Lori graduated from University of South Carolina, and is a lover of all things involving the Gamecocks.  Lori works in the Hermosa Shop and also helps out with jewelry production.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as a cross between casual cute and athleisure. Raising three boys has definitely shaped my style. 

How did you discover Hermosa Jewelry?

I discovered Hermosa through my dear friend, Laura Shuler. She told me about your store the day you first opened. 

What is your favorite piece of Hermosa Jewelry to wear?

My favorite piece of jewelry I'm currently wearing is the Hammered Gold Filled Chain with Baroque Pearl Charm. 

Why do you enjoy wearing Hermosa Jewelry? 

I enjoy wearing Hermosa Jewelry because each piece is unique and beautiful, which is the look I'm aiming for. 

What is your secret to balancing work and family?

I'm slowly readjusting to balancing work and family. I was fortunate to be home for most of the time my boys were growing up. My two older sons are off at college and my youngest is a sophomore in high school, so I guess in a sense, family life has slowed down a bit.  Everyone in the house has a schedule and chips in when needed. I'm thankful for my family. 

Anything else you want to share?

I'd like to share that it's been so much fun working at Hermosa. I've enjoyed meeting all the many regular customers and new ones too!

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