Hermosa Heroine: Laura Shuler

Hermosa Heroine: Laura Shuler

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Next up for our Mother's Day spotlight series is Laura Shuler.  Laura and her husband, Kevin, are both veterinarians and small business owners.  They own Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital and Shuler Veterinary Clinic in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  They have two sons.  Laura is an avid collector of Hermosa Jewelry and is also the veterinarian to our dog, Luna.  She recently opened up her beautiful home in Old Village for our Mother's Day Photoshoot. 

How would you describe your personal style?

More is more. I love layering pieces.

How did you discover Hermosa Jewelry? 

I started coming when Haley's adorable brick and mortar store opened.  She was instrumental with helping me start a social media presence for my small businesses…and sold me great jewelry!  

I consider her a true friend!  She was super patient teaching an old dog new tricks for Instagram, Facebook, and videos.  Then, we furthered that friendship when lovely Luna joined Haley’s family and subsequently ours at Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital.

What is your favorite piece of Hermosa Jewelry to wear? 

It's a tie between my opal necklace and my mussels earrings.  I have the classic blue ones and the new white ribbed mussels.

Why do you enjoy wearing Hermosa Jewelry? 

They help me express myself and show my personality as well as give me confidence in whatever I am wearing.

What is your secret to balancing work and family?

That is always a constant dance.

Having a clear WHY statement…Meaning: what makes me get up in mornings

Remembering to set boundaries and keeping them.

Recognizing that personal time is appropriate for mental health and well being.

Always trying to be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

And by finding something you are passionate about so it feels less like work and more like a life choice you want.

 Anything else you want to share?

I enjoy shopping at Hermosa because they know me and my tastes. They make me feel like I'm family when I come in and ask how my people are…and know them and care. 

I support small businesses like Hermosa because I understand the value of supporting the community. And, I love this community so it makes perfect sense.

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