October Birthstone Jewelry

October Birthstone Jewelry

October babies, celebrate your unique individuality with the remarkable properties of Opal and Tourmaline birthstone jewelry

Many become entranced by Opal for the iridescent sheen and colors this gemstone can display. This display of color reflects into the meaning behind wearing Opal. Wearing Opal is said to bring out the creativity and self-expression in the person who wears it.

We have created some unique pieces of Opal jewelry for the month of October. Be sure to check out our Pink Peruvian Opal Dainty Necklace and Willow White Opal Earrings. Each of these jewels include real pieces of Opal to bring you all of the originality your heart could desire. 

Tourmaline is a fan favorite across the world for its beautiful color and natural sparkle. The soft look of this stone also pairs into its healing qualities of compassion and peace. This gemstone is often referred to as "Watermelon Tourmaline" because of the shade of pink and how it looks when paired with green Tourmaline. Have a look at our Faceted Tourmaline necklace to shop the Tourmaline style.

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