What Makes Our Permanent Jewelry Different

What Makes Our Permanent Jewelry Different

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We are Permanent Jewelry pros here at Hermosa!  We love to educate and create the perfect stack for our customers. Being the first company in Charleston to offer Permanent Jewelry has allowed us years of experience to hone in our process.  Read along to see why we are the experts in Permanent Jewelry in Charleston, SC.

When it comes to Permanent Jewelry, we believe this is a custom and personal experience. We offer honest recommendations to ensure you choose the right chain for your lifestyle.  Our team of female welders are skilled in sizing to make sure you get the perfect fit for your permanent bracelet, anklet, or necklace.  We specialize in strategically sizing multiple bracelets for the least amount of tangling so they lay comfortably and natural on the wearer. Each chain is different and we have a multitude of chains and charms to fit all personalities. 

Since we have been handcrafting jewelry for over twenty years, we have the knowledge and education of metals and jewelry that is unmatched. We are able to repair and re-weld Permanent Jewelry that has been done somewhere else and doctor you up, to make sure that the jewelry works for you!  Our focus is providing you the best experience possible, and we want to ensure that your jewelry lasts.  To stand behind our work, we have a 48 hour guarantee on our welds.  If your permanent jewelry weld breaks, we will fix it for free.

At Hermosa, one of our values is to have fun while we work.  We bring the energy by hosting private Permanent Jewelry parties at our retail stores in Charleston, SC.  This is the perfect private shopping experience for bridal parties, birthdays, sororities, company events, or any other group gatherings. We have an entire team of trained female welders, and we love to create connections with our customers and share laughs. 

Quality is one of our main values and we always check our welds when we are done. We inspect each of our pieces to be certain that you can walk out the door with a beautiful solid piece of jewelry so you can be the best version of yourself.

We regard Permanent Jewelry safety with an utmost importance to make sure that each customers and the welder stay out of harms way.  Every-time we weld we will put a piece of leather between your skin and the weld to protect your safety. The moment of the weld we will tell you to look away to protect your pretty eyes. If you do want to watch, we have welding goggles or you can watch through your phone to safely join enjoy the process!


We pride ourselves in being the best Permanent Jewelry company in Charleston, SC.  Both of our stores stand out with a multitude of glowing positive reviews on Google.  Now that you have heard why we stand out, its time to book your appointment and come get welded! 

Have more questions?  Visit our FAQ page or reach out to us directly! 

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