Valentines Drop

Valentines Drop

Spoil your loved ones with the gift of handmade and local jewelry. We have created a whole collection of new designs that add to the romance of Valentine's Day. 

The Gemstones of Love

  • Garnet: This healing stone can turn a cold heart warm. Garnet's have been used in history for healing broken hearts and rekindling lost love. Physically,  this gemstone can help with the opening of the heart. 
  • Rose Quartz: Incorporate this crystal into your life for unconditional love. Mythology even says that if you are single and put a piece of Rose Quartz next to your bed at night -maybe in a jewelry box- you will attract your soulmate. 

Gifts for your Galentine's

Valentine's day is a great occasion to celebrate your girls and friends. We have plenty of gifts and cute glitter cards to honor your friendship. 

Permanent Jewelry

There is no better way to celebrate connection than with matching Permanent Bracelets from Hermosa Jewelry. We offer many charms + chain options to suit everyones style. There are even chain options for men. 

Try this:

  • Our heart charm is perfect to commemorate love and romance.
  • The oval gemstone charms can add a pop of color and gemstone properties to the wearers. 
  • If you are looking to honor a certain birthstone the baguette charms are your go to. 

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