December Birthstones

December Birthstones

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Dive into the magic of December with Turquoise and Blue Topaz birthstones. It's no secret here at Hermosa that we are self proclaimed "turquaholics" since turquoise is our all time favorite gemstone!  


This stunning shade of blue has gained popularity all over the world from Tiffany and Co's signature blue to the unique shades of green this gemstone can come in. Turquoise has a captivating history of being used for protection by ancient royals all over the world. Gain your own protection with our handmade Turquoise jewelry. 

Healing Properties

Turquoise Jewelrys

Get the Bohemian look with our Turquoise Protector Earrings + Turquoise Rainbow Necklace!

Blue Topaz

Winter season makes us think of all things sparkle and glitter and Blue Topaz is just the gemstone for that. With soft blue hues this gem adds the perfect amount of glitz to jewelry. Blue Topaz has a history of being a symbol of friendship- making it the perfect gift this holiday season. 

Healing Properties

Blue Topaz Jewelry Add a pop of sparkle with our Golden Daisy Earrings in Blue Topaz + the Blue Topaz Dainty Beaded Necklace!



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